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To Audition or Not to Audition...

Who else got into voiceover thinking they would audition for anything and everything that came their way? (raises hand)

It has only been in the last few years I've realized my time and the time of the person on the other end of that audition is too valuable to go for a part or project that, in the end, I know really won't be the right fit. For me, it's anything "dramatic!" or "serious" that almost (with a pass at the specs) immediately takes me out of the running. There is someone WAYYY more qualified than me to pull of those kick ass Nike ads or heartfelt baby spots. The other thing I struggle with most? "Real." Real person! CONVERSATIONAL! And in the end, they almost always fall into...commercial, amiright?!

Anyhoots, point being, there are a lot more productive things you can do with your time (*cough*like starting your first blog post for example*cough*) than spending hours and hours auditioning for parts meant for someone else. Just the two cents from a relatable, happy, conversational, real, young adult, or middle aged female.

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